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pattern. pochoir.

Alla spicciolata, qualche pochoir, tutti dell'epoca d'oro dei pochoir, anni Dieci, Venti, Trenta del secolo scorso. Tranne un bellissimo stage set, tutti pattern adatti per stoffe o carte. I siti da cui sono tratti spesso sono da visitare per fare altre scoperte.

Floreal, Dessins et Couleurs Nouveaux by Eugene A. Seguy.  Paris: Calvas, [1927?].

Gontcharova Larionow: L’Art Decoratif Theatral Moderne.  Paris: Edition La Cible, 1919. 
 Da In questo sito altri bellissimi pochoir. E questa definizione:

In fact, pochoir is the French word for stenciling, a form of coloring pictures that dates to a thousand years ago in China.  It was introduced to commercial publishing in France in the late 1800s, and there it had its most exquisite expression.  The pochoir process would use from 20 to 250 different stencils applied to a black-and-white collotype print from a photograph.  The collotypes are affixed to stencil sheets of metal or board, and the patches to be colored are cut out.  Each color to be applied uses a separate pompon, or brush of coarse, shortly-cropped animal hair, to sponge or dab on the paint.  Each stencil is done in turn until the image is finished, so it is essential to place the stencils exactly in position.
Though pochoir illustration had its heyday in the 1920s, with Paris as its center of greatest artistic production, several places produced pochoir books during this decade, including London, Florence, New York, and the avant-garde publishers of Prague and other Eastern European cities.  In the United States, pochoir gave way quite early to related methods like serigraphy and silk-screening.  Occasionally today some fine press books are illustrated using the pochoir method, but its most sumptuous flowering eight decades ago represents a remarkable era in the history of the book.

E.A. Seguy, Primavera 1913

Da Anche questo è un sito dove si possono vedere dei bei pochoir e più in generale delle belle illustrazioni; libri illustrati in vendita.

George Barbier

Albert Levy, Nouvelles Variations. 1924

Stage set for Orphee, by Cesar Klein

I quattro pochoir precedenti, tutti dal blog

Edouard Benedictus (1879-1930) was a painter, writer, composer and chemist who started his career in the Art Nouveau period and became one of the most famous protagonists of the floral Art Deco.

 Eugene Alain Seguy (1889-1985) Floréal 1, 1924

Sonia Delaunay, Compostions Couleurs Idees
Gouache pochoir print 1930s.

Dal bel

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